Kit Laney Rides No More on the Diamond Bar Ranch

Kit and Sherrye Laney always dreamed of having their own ranch.  When they married, they combined their resources, marshaled some from family and friends and purchased the Diamond Bar.  It was their dream come true, until they lost it.  This is a brief excerpt from a two hour interview with Kit that I recorded while visiting them in the Gila a few days after he was released from prison.  He served six months in a maximum security facility for “assaulting an officer with the reins of his horse. (I’ll post the full two hour soon.)

Shortly after this interview was filmed, Kit left for Argentina hoping to run cattle there.  He has since returned to the United States, the Diamond Bar has been sold to private investors who are now running a tourist destination, Sherry was, when I last spoke with her, giving guided tours to hunters and the 100+ year old ranch house that was so lovingly cared for has been torn down to make way for a larger lodge.

During my research preparing for the film, I discovered that there is a huge aquifer running directly under the site of the former Diamond Bar Ranch.




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