About Us

Welcome to “Sustaining America,” interviews with ranchers, farmers, country and city folk – all living in the Heartland of America.  I have come to know many of you over the years and since this documentary series is taking so long to amble towards the finish, I’m posting some of the unedited interviews here for all to see.  These issues are important.  They will determine our country’s future and its ability to feed, house and protect its citizens.  I pray that we will all learn to listen to one another, be kind and find the love in our hearts for our fellow man.  Surely there is an answer somewhere if we just look in the right places.  (Cirina Catania)

Cirina w Canon Stills Camera hi-res by Gesine Thomson
Cirina Catania photographing on location in the Heartland. (Photo by Gesine Thomson)