Sustaining America – About the Interviews

Since 2002, I’ve been traveling the United States of America interviewing people, primarily ranchers and farmers, about their lives, their land, their families.  It started out being a film about cowboy poetry, but soon morphed into something else as I learned how difficult it has been for them to keep their businesses alive and prosperous.  These interviews are being posted here unedited, just as they were recorded, so you can listen and formulate your own opinion about what is happening in this country.  Please come here with love in your heart and a generous spirit.  We welcome you!sunset cows 2_128_2833 1440x1080 72dpi


3 responses to “Sustaining America – About the Interviews”

  1. bill Avatar

    when the government gets what they want they will get rid of her and she will get hers, what goes around comes around.

  2. Terri Denton Avatar

    In a recent video surfacing on retirement party of Mary Martin. Supt of Mojave Nat Reserve, there is a pan to numbers posted on the wall. 111.550.54 & 5.66 106.322.36 please advise if you know what these numbers are referencing. Property of Mullens’ maybe ? Than you. Terri

  3. Terri Denton Avatar

    Doing research on the seizure National Parks and this story/interviews with Cindy Mullens caught my attention. How many ranchers, home owners, etc. were included within this Scenic Byway ? From what I can obtain via internet looks like 70,000 acres ?? Is this correct ?? Do you have a current status on each property included, destroyed, structures remain on land, etc. Please provide contact information via Thank you. Terri , private citizen concerned