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Ramona Hage: “Federal Government Engaged in Conspiracy”

Ramona Hage is the daughter of Wayne Hage, rancher and author of “Sagebrush Rebellion.”  Her family has been in conflict with the BLM, the Forest Service and other government agencies since 1978.  They have fought in federal court in three major cases and other water adjudications, “Just to defend what we were lawfully allowed to do in the first place,” she says.

This video was recorded in January of 2015 at the National Press Club’s meeting of the CSPOA  (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association). Copyright CSPOA.

Click here to see Ramona’s talk to the CSPOA on YouTube or watch below.

Wayne Hage: Storm Over the Rangelands

Wayne Hage, Sr., interviewed here shortly before his death in 2006 at the age of 69,  struggled for years to preserve his rights as an American property owner and dedicated rancher.  His book, “Storm Over Rangelands,” is an important chronicle of what has happened in the West in the last three decades.

It is largely because of Wayne that I am making these films.  He made me promise to tell the stories.

Interview Pt. 1:

Interview Pt. 2:

Wayne Hage, 2006, Pine Creek Ranch Photo: Cirina Catania
Wayne Hage, 2006, Pine Creek Ranch
Photo: Cirina Catania